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We arm your business leaders with trusted data by modernizing data infrastructure, enabling data-driven operations and providing tech team to build data solutions/apps.

Modernize & Manage Data Technology

We handle cloud migrations, modernize your data stack and manage/administer apps ranging from Snowflake, Databricks, Tableau, PowerBI, Salesforce, PostgreSQL, Django, etc., We work on AWS, Azure & GCP to improve flexibility in terms of compute and storage, lower costs, optimize engineering workloads with automation, etc.,


Enable Data-Driven Strategy & Operations

Our business intelligence engineers and data analysts enable sales, marketing and finance teams improve their operational efficiency and reduce costs. We do master data management, create automated and insighful dashboards to track key performance metrics (KPIs), identify inefficiencies, streamline processes, improve forecasting, optimize resource allocation, and provide real-time monitoring.


Data Team As A Service

Our team of experienced data professionals specialize in providing data-driven solutions for IT, sales, marketing & finance teams. We augment your team with dedicated data professionals including data architect, data engineer, data analyst, cloud architect, software engineer, technical project manager, etc.,


Data & Analytics Consulting

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Data Transformation Strategy

Outcome based strategic analysis of people, process, tech and data aligned with your business goals for transformation

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Data Management & Migration

Data storage, backups, architecture, integration, ETL/ELT, DevOps, MDM, cloud migration & systems administration

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Data Analytics & Reporting

Aggregate, cleanse, analyze, visualize and automate operational and analytical business intelligence reporting

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Data Research & Lead Generation

Identify ideal customer profiles, collect, enrich and integrate engagement-ready leads for marketing and sales teams

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Data Applications

Implement data-driven web apps to simplify data-intensive operations, data distribution, data APIs and marketplaces

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Staffing Data Team

We augment your team with data professionals including data architect, engineer, analyst, cloud architect, etc.,

We handle your entire data stack regardless of any vendor platform

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Who We Are

data, analytics & tech consultants

We are data professionals providing managed services to businesses needing data processing, integration, analytics, reporting, data platform/application administration and migration. We work with both business and IT teams to take care of the entire data tech needs from architecture to development to management. Our data teams strive to enable your organizational leaders make accurate and timely data driven decisions by building the right data and analytics infrastructure and processess in place. We also provide 'Data Team As A Service' by sourcing talented and specialized data tech people ready to make an impact at your organization. Some of the roles we work to fill are Business/Data Analyst, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Visualization Engineer, Cloud/Security/DevOps Engineer, ML Ops Engineer, Data Steward, Project Manager, etc.,

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Ramkumar Dorairaj
Ramkumar Dorairaj
Ramkumar Dorairaj (aka "Ram") is a data analytics professional and global talent enthusiast. He has extensive experience enabling sales, marketing and finance leaders make data driven decisions quickly and confidently. He is well versed in Business Intelligence, Data Management, Engineering, Analytics and Reporting. He has a decade of experience building and managing global teams.

Ram resides in San Jose, CA, and enjoys working on new challenges in applying the latest data tech innovations to add business value and ultimately increase ROI. He currently works with Theravance Biopharma in building the next gen enterprise Databricks Lakehouse, and previously consulted with several biopharma companies supporting their commercial IT teams.

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